WOW! Not only did we hit our goal for the show, but we exceeded it! We’re now less than 10,000 yen away from hitting our first stretch goal: providing some expense subsidies in the form of an honourarium to our ensemble members! Another 25,000 yen past that will provide food and drinks to the cast after the show (provided it is safe to consume them).

ワオ! この公演の資金調達の目標額を達成しただけでなく、それを上回ることができました。最初のストレッチゴールである、アンサンブルメンバーへの謝礼金まで、あと1万円を切りました! さらに25,000円で、公演後のキャストへの食事と飲み物を提供します。

These may seem frivolous, but there have been too many times in the past when we haven’t been able to show even this bit of tiny appreciation to our volunteer teams. (Everyone who “works” for YTG is a volunteer, donating their time for the community and to be part of the art-making process.)


If we’re able to raise money beyond those two stretch goals, we will be putting it towards Phase 2 of our fundraising plan.


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