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The Yokohama Theatre Group (YTG), a registered non-profit, has been creating theatre for 122 years, through ups and downs, wars and earthquakes, and economic bubbles and bursts. We even weathered several major global pandemics (including the 1919 flu pandemic). Through it all, our community of theatre-goers and theatre makers kept us going. But the last few years have really taken a toll. With the canceling of all live performances, we went from posting modest budget surpluses to annual budget deficits. In addition to our lost revenue, we were evicted from our storage space. So we now have the additional expense of paying to store our props and costumes.

After two years, four live-streamed theatre performances, one Fringe festival award, and ten online speaking events, we are trying to recover by cautiously returning to in-person/livestream hybrid performances this summer and fall. The live-streaming expertise we gained during the pandemic means that we intend to make our performances available globally in the future. We’re in talks with several companies about producing live works that virtually span continents. In time, those partnerships will mean international exchanges through tours. We even got our first grant during that time!

So despite the recent challenges, there is a bright future. But we need your help to reach it! YTG’s accounts are sitting at an all-time low. Debts that were being paid off before the pandemic are now mounting. Perks that we had started to give our volunteers, like paid transportation, have been halted.

We need you to get us back on course.

We’re splitting our fundraising efforts into 3 phases:

PHASE 1 – The Present

In phase 1, we focused on immediate needs.

We raised the money to produce our summer 2022 presentation of Matsukaze.

Our rough budget looked like this:

  • ¥40,000 <– Props, incl. Polaroid film
  • ¥35,000 <– Costume budget
  • ¥50,000 <– Set budget
  • ¥25,000 <– Sound equipment
  • ¥~80,000 <– Rent (partially deferred)

There were also some surprise expenses along the way (there always are), like having to buy a second short-throw projector and a USB to HDMI adapter. Even adjusted for those added expenses, we raised 117% of our goal and were able to fund the show!



PHASE 2 – The Past

In Phase 2, we need you to support us to help wrestle with YTG’s past.

We will work on a “reset”, paying off the accumulated liabilities of the company, which have grown during the pandemic due to decreased revenue and increased expenses.

Resetting our liabilities to zero will help us emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever!

  1. Debt isn't sexy, but it's a fact of life, especially for a non-profit theatre company. With the help of people just like you, we raised enough money to fund our summer 2022 show. Now we need to press on and try to push ALL the red from YTG's books so we can focus on the future! A donation of any size will get you access to several of our shows (see below).


    • 9.69% Funded
    • ¥104,500 Pledged

    By Andrew

PHASE 3 – The Future

In phase 3, we will raise what we need to cover annual operating expenses going forward. We’ll also raise enough to prefund things like transportation costs for ensemble members.

Stretch goals for this phase will include:

  • honourariums for cast & crew
  • paid accountant
  • paid part-time administrator
  • upgrades to our props & costume storage