YTG Rescue Campaign – Phase 1

Help YTG raise enough money to get through the next show and get us back on our feet! All donations include access to the live-streamed performances of Matsukaze on August 6 and 7. There will be 5 seats set aside at each performance for high-level backers, which will be released on a first-come, first-served basis.

This campaign successfully reached its funding goal and ended 1 year ago
117% Funded
  • ¥316,000 Donated
  • ¥270,000 Goal
  • 31 Donors
Time left to donate

About the Campaign

WE’VE REACHED OUR GOAL… but we’re not done yet! We still have a few stretch goals to hit to g. After that, any additional proceeds raised will go towards PHASE 2 of our fundraising campaign.

Our goal for this campaign is to raise enough money to pay the production costs of Matsukaze, our summer 2022 show. A simplified version of our show budget is as follows:


Description | 商品説明 Cost | 価格
Rent (partly deferred) | 賃料(一部繰延) 80,000 JPY
Costumes | 衣装代 35,000 JPY
Props, incl. 30,000 yen of Polaroid film | ポラロイドフィルムを含む小道具代      40,000 JPY
Set | セット代 50,000 JPY
Sound Equipment | 音響機材費用 25,000 JPY
Projector & AV equipment 40,000 JPY
TOTAL | 合計 270,000 JPY
Stretch Goals | ストレッチゴール
Transportation Honourariums for Ensemble Members | キャスト・スタッフへの交通費支給 60,000 JPY
Post-strike food for cast & crew | 最終公演後のキャスト・スタッフへの食事提供 * 25,000 JPY

* This may sound frivolous, but it’s a small and important token of appreciation to those who made the show run.

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  • Rachel Roberts

    Yokohama Theatre Group is a treasure and a labor of true love. YTG productions are an unpredictable mixture of creative, fun, thought-provoking, mysterious and playful, plus much more. YTG shows are enriching and refreshing and the work you do is valuable and worth supporting.

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    🤗Here’s a little something to help get the ball rolling again.

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  • Jeff Orchard

    A piece of my heart to help nurture your (much needed and greatly valued) art.

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  • TJ Schur

    Andrew and crew forever!!!! Harrison-Schur’s love y’all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Amir Ibrahim

    Andrew is a friend and I’d like to do my part in supporting the arts. 🙂

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  • Christopher Lamatsch

    Arlene and I invite you to break a leg, and have a great show.

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  • Rio Namegaya

    Theatre is joy, education, salvation, and a way to understand difficult times like today. YTG has been offering all of these, especially through their devised works. And I want them to continue the work.

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  • Ian Cameron

    Keep up the good work, YTG!

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  • Noria & Takashi Arai

    We would love to watch your play on 7th of August 🙂

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  • Makiko Mikami

    Break a leg!
    Would definitely try to watch your new play online!

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  • Erika Bryant-Northcutt

    Keep doing the good work, Andrew! Happy to work with you anytime you need a “has been” young mother!

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  • Yosuke Tachikawa


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  • Chris Parham

    All the world’s a stage and Andrew Woolner has played every role and done every job there is to make it happen.

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  • Keiko Misaka

    Hope this donation helps! Good luck!!!

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  • Q Poeta

    I love the Noh stage. And I respect Marie for loving and demonstrating Japanese culture. I feel embarrassed about the small amount, but please let me support you!

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  • Brie Dombrowski

    A lil’ something for y’all. Break legs!

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  • Miyako Ando

    Xander is my best friend!

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  • Thorgeir Palsson

    Supporting my son, Stefan Thor and his friends and colleagues. Good luck!

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    Ganbatte kudasai! Best wishes to all of you.

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  • Jun Woo Hwang

    My time with YTG is one of my favorite memories of theatre around Tokyo. Wish I could be there in person and give you guys more support, but for now here is a little gift from one of your old crews.

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