We discovered early this week that despite the fact that we calculated our projector’s throw, we didn’t take into account certain structural elements in the way of the beam. In order to preserve the vision of the design team, we decided to buy a second projector. We did this as cheaply as possible, and bought a used unit, but the second projector and necessary accessories cost an unexpected 40,000 yen more.


We have adjusted the total on the website and the good news is that we’re still above 100% of our total budget raised! Yay! The bad news is that we’re now 36,000 yen away from our first stretch goal of ensemble member travel bursaries. Boo!

ウェブサイト上で合計を調整しましたが、良いニュースは、集まった総予算の100%をまだ超えていることです! やったー 悪いニュースは、最初のストレッチゴールであるアンサンブルメンバーの旅費補助まであと36,000円ということです。残念

Tell everyone you know and let’s get to that stretch goal!


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