What a start!

Okay, so we went live today, and we’re just 500 yen from covering our set budget!


Our set is fairly interesting. We’re staging the show in an alley shape, like a long tunnel, with the audience at either end. On one side, we have mirrors covered by mobile flats that can be hidden or revealed at different points in the show. On the other side, we have two angled projection screens, lit from the rear by a projector. That’s all mostly stock set pieces with some dressing. The really special part is the pine tree that slides out between the two halves of the projection surfaces at key moments! Most of the set budget is going to be spent on constructing that unique piece.


3D mockup of the giant pine tree we hope to build!

So thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Keep sharing the campaign and let’s see if we can fully fund every department!